Fibroid help?

I’ve a friend, we’ll call her A, who has two fibroids in her uterus right now. One of them is up high and keeps her uterus from contracting completely, and the other blocks the passage out. She’s currently fighting her insurance to get the surgery covered so she can have them removed (wtf, insurance companies??). In the meantime, she’s in a lot of pain. I know there’s many of you out there who have had fibroids of varying shapes, sizes, and positions. Do any you have any suggestions for her on how to lessen the pain while she waits? If I recall correctly, she’s trying to live off ibuprofen. She’s got two little ones and she’s a teacher, so pain killers aren’t necessarily an option. Please keep A in your thoughts while she deals with this. She’s not unlike the rest of us – don’t let her little’s fool you. Help a sister out?

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  1. sorry to hear about your friend. fibroids really suck.
    as for pain relief, not much really helped except getting them out, and until then ibuprofen. a warm compress on her ute during periods. stretching wasn’t even an option when mine were at their worst.

    she has to get her doctor to say that surgery is “medically necessary” due to pain and discomfort, etc. good luck.

  2. (unrelated, but can I have the password for your post above?)


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