Eventful times

The other day, I noticed water under the mat at my computer desk. I thought “that’s an odd place for water, just under my mat. How did it get THERE?” Aaron checked it before we went to bed Tuesday night because…yeah, odd. I didn’t see any water AROUND the desk, my water glass hadn’t tipped over, there was no water ON the mat…but there was enough under it to soak right through a towel and it STUNK. He discovered that the water went back, back under the desk, all the way to the wall. Dad came up on Wednesday for a test and he investigated too and…yup. There was none in the crawl space, the floorboards under the house weren’t wet, but the carpet was SOAKED.

We called up our insurance agent, who happens to be one of our really good friends (and if anyone needs an agent, even one non-local, let me know!) and said “um, dude, water and we don’t know where from or what to do and HALP!!” That was around 11:30 on Wednesday. Around 11:45, he called us back and said “call this guy – he’s who I’ve worked with in the past on stuff like this and he can tell you where it’s coming from and what we do”. We did, left a message, and he called around 1:00, came over at 2:30, and discovered that the drain pipe that goes from the sink down under the house had broken in the wall. All that water that had been going down the drain from the sink and the dishwasher, with all the food and pardon me while I GAG!, had been going into the floor and THAT’S where the water in the carpet was coming from. One side of the computer desk was molded and so is one edge of the entertainment center. We’re damn lucky it didn’t fry out the electrical equipment or the wall outlet that sits RIGHT THERE. Anyways, he called our agent back, who called the adjuster, who called US at 7:00 last night. He apparently trusts the restoration guy wholeheartedly and said if Brandon said to move on it, go ahead and they would cover it. Brandon called us at 7:15 and said “Do you want me to start tonight?” I mean seriously, that’s fast work! We had them come this morning because we still needed to move the furniture and stuff. Apparently if WE move it, we get money off our deductible. We won’t know yet what they’re going to do with the furniture because the adjuster has to come look at it and he’s in Colorado for a meeting.

Anyways, the guys came this morning to get started on it. They showed up around 9:30 and left around 4:30. They tried to pull up the carpet but ended up having to cut it to get it up, so we get new carpet. Yay, because light colored carpet + toddler do NOT mix. We put it in, but we didn’t have a child at that point and didn’t think we were going to get to have one, so it didn’t matter. New carpet, the wall has been torn out between back room and kitchen – it was paneling and rotten/molded, so we get to have drywall put up and have it painted. The kitchen cabinets had to be removed, along with the sink and the countertop. Those all came out fine, so they aren’t being replaced (drat! sorta). My dad is coming up on Monday to replace the drain line (he’s a plumber by trade, or was before we moved) but we’ll replace the stuff under the sink ourselves once the sink and everything is back into place.

At this point, we are probably looking at a few weeks to get everything put back into place. Hopefully. Maybe sooner but probably not. School? Oh yes, school. THAT starts on Tuesday. My kitchen has had 4 weeks to do this and it’s doing it the week before classes start. I hate this house sometimes. I’ll post pictures later, if I get a chance. I’m working off my laptop right now because my main computer isn’t hooked up, and my laptop doesn’t have dropbox installed on it (I don’t think – too tired to check). I haven’t slept well in a month and shit is hitting the fan and…yeah. The Boy flipped out for a good 30 minutes yesterday because we moved all his toys to the front room and as close as we can figure he thought we were taking them away – he’s not allowed free access to the front room. Only he will be now, because our plans for the summer got stepped up and he’ll be spending his time up here now. Still haven’t figured out what we’re going to do with everything else, but one step at a time. I think. I don’t know. My head hurts. I’m going to bed.

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  1. Oh jeez. That sucks. We’ve had our share of homeowners’ woes, but at least ours have only cropped up one room at a time. But hey, new carpet! It’s the small victories, right?

  2. Also, I’ve nominated you for an award…again. 🙂

  3. Claire

     /  March 27, 2014

    Hi there, I had to remove your comment on my blog b/c Calico’s move is not certain, they haven’t announced it yet. Kristin asked me to remove mention of it on my blog. So please don’t spread the news, like I said, they don’t know for sure yet. Sage sounds like a good option, but downside is the small likelihood of getting a spot – we were really lucky to get one.


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