I’m not dead yet!

1) Mel is doing Microblog Mondays, so I’m hoping this will get me back into writing.
2) Cole is having a surgical procedure on his ears today because the holes from his tubes being taken out are not healing after 5 months. Please send us happy thoughts.
3) I’ve started drinking again. I know, I know. Not heavy, but when you start at zero, there’s only one way to go. Not that I’m stressed or anything…
4) I am in my final semester at school – YAY! I am taking 4 classes, two of which have service learning that is going to total 25 hours, and an internship at Cole’s preschool where I have to work for 45 hours.
5) One of my classes says that writing helps relieve stress. I know this is the case because I look back at how often I used to post when I was trying to get pregnant and going to school the first time and hot damn was I an angry mess. That’s part of why I don’t write anymore – I feel like all I do is bitch about things. I’ve even stepped away from 3/4 of my social media over the summer. Just can’t handle it.
6) If you’re reading this, thank you for sticking around. Thank you for checking in on me still or leaving me on your reader. I appreciate it!

Want to see who else is posting in Microblog Monday? Look here for today’s!

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  1. Oh, poor baby! Hopefully they’ll get those holes closed up for him. It’s a pain. I still have open eardrums from my tubes when I was 10–my ENT didn’t think they’d be able to close em, so didn’t bother trying. Happy thoughts coming your way!!

    And good to see you round these parts!

  2. It is your blog, if it makes you happy to come here and vent, and bitch, and just let it all out, then why ever would any one else mind that? You are not writing to please anyone, and pretend that you’re happy. No one would stick around for that. Welcome back. Sending healing thoughts your way. Hope those holes close.

  3. You definitely are still in my reader, but I left your post unread there and clicked from the list. How did the surgical procedure go today?

  4. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I’m definitely still reading. And, yes, as others have said, it’s your blog. Use it as you see fit. if you need to vent, do that.

  5. It’s your blog, bitch all you want 🙂 You’re still on my reader when you start writing again.

  6. I hope Cole’s surgery went well. Good luck on your last semester of school, may it go well without too much stress.


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