1) Today in my Gender Studies class we are going to be discussing “Sexuality, Reproductive Rights, Contraception, and Abortion”. Oh lookie there, hot topics for me! Lets hope I can keep my yap shut. So far this class hasn’t gotten heated and everyone has been respectful but hot damn, reproductive rights, contraception, and abortion are all REALLY big soap box areas for me.

2) Have I mentioned I can’t get a grip on this semester to save my soul? Because I can’t. Everything feels like it’s piling up. For example: I have a mid-term today that I am not prepared for. I have a tabling event for my Service Learning on campus on Friday, and a card writing on Saturday (both of which I am taking The Boy to). I have a 6-8 page paper due next Monday that I haven’t even started on. I have my second psych exam that day between classes. I have a paper due next Thursday with my group for psychology…and I loathe one of the members so much that I don’t even want to do the work.

3) I think I mentioned that The Boy had ear surgery on the 22nd. The surgery went fine, although recovery was a bitch. I sobbed so hard that Aaron asked if I needed to leave the room! And all was fine…except that his left ear was leaking a LOT A LOT. Enough so that I had to call the doc and first they said it was fine, and a few days later they decided that no, it was not fine and now we have to put drops in his ears because apparently they suspect an ear infection. I think he has an appt this week to confirm but sonofabitch, I suspect that the patch failed. *sigh*

4) I am loving these microblog things. I realize this is probably longer than intended, but it’s getting me back here periodically…which can be nothing but good for me!

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  1. Wow. Enjoy your Gender Studies today?

    And poor Boy! I hope you can get him taken care of.

    • He’s been on antibiotics for almost a week, and he sees the ENT tomorrow to see what’s going on and if the patch held (I doubt it).

  2. So how did the Gender Studies discussion go? Is everyone still standing? 🙂

    • It actually went really well. There was no outrage or bitching. Prof started out saying that yes, these are hot topics for people but she hoped that by this point we knew each other well enough and had enough respect for each other that we would try not to attack anyone. Near the end there were graphic images of some pro-life campaigns, which she was kind enough to warn us of in case we needed to leave the room. Have I mentioned that I really like her?


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