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Tomorrow I start a new medication for the ankylosing spondylitis that I’ve been dealing with for years. Aaron suspects I’ve had it for a VERY long time, but it’s only gotten bad enough for it to be diagnosed in the last two years or so. Which is not unrealistic, looking at the symptoms and comparing it to my timeline. The fibro just ramps up the pain of the AS, according to my rheumatologist. At any rate, I’ve been on En.brel for nearly a year and it’s no longer working. I’ve had to have three steroid shots in the past 30 weeks (at each of my last three appointments), which leads the rheum to believe that it’s not working properly. So now? Now I switch to Remi.cade. It’s an infusion. I get to go in tomorrow and sit in a chair for about three hours with an IV. Have I ever mentioned that I have TERRIBLE veins? Because I do. When I was 17, I had a five hour blood test for my blood sugars. The same test you take for the gestational diabetes, actually. Drink a super sugary drink – the first one was orange and to this day I can’t drink orange soda or really think about it with gagging – and then get your blood tested once an hour for five hours. They actually had to poke me nine times for that because my veins wouldn’t cooperate. I’ve had a colonoscopy and they tried 12 times to get an IV in before they finally found one in my FOOT that they could use. I get a blood test every 10 weeks at the rheum’s office, and I have one functioning vein. Tomorrow I have an IV infusion, then two weeks later I have another, and then four weeks after that I have a third, and then finally every six weeks I will be getting one. Assuming this works, at any rate. And in the middle of that, I will be having my every 10 weeks blood draw! I have pity on my poor, poor vein.

I have six weeks until graduation. There is SO much to do. So many due dates, exams, projects, papers, etc. But! On December 19, assuming that I pass my capstone class, I will graduate and then I get to look for a job. But graduate! I will be out of school and I will have a Bachelor’s degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies and a minor in Psychology! Exciting stuff!! Stressful stuff! Go go stress flares, whee!

Halloween was a lot of fun. The Boy dressed up like a Minion, I threw together a pirate outfit, and Aaron threw together a Neo outfit. The Boy got SO MUCH CANDY!

My little minion

My little minion

Other than that, I’m no longer fighting with my dad. I think. We got into a big fight about politics, as usual. I told him several years ago that I didn’t want to discuss politics with him. We are, and always will be, on different sides of nearly all issues and I don’t want it to tear us apart. It finally did, about 8 weeks ago. Yes, near the beginning of the semester. I called him while I was driving to say hi, update him on a few things, etc. I do this often. He decided to start discussing politics and economy and I told him I didn’t want to have the convo but he kept going and I finally got so pissed that I was seeing red, told him I loved him but I was not talking about this any more, and hung up. I called him two weeks later to update him on The Boy’s ear thing and he was really distant. I called him again last week – which put us at about six weeks – and we finally hashed it out. I made it clear once more that I did not want to discuss politics with him directly because I didn’t want to tear us apart. He got upset because I put political stuff on my FB – and I pointed out that there are RARELY discussions on those posts – and I clearly don’t care about his opinion. I do…if he would state it as an opinion and not try to convince me that I am wrong for having my own. If we could do this civilly, I would have no problem. But we can’t, and I don’t want to, and he refuses to respect that. I told him that I was done talking politics, and if he thought that was all we had to talk about, then I was sorry because I can’t do anything about how he feels on that. That’s his choice, and I am leaving it up to him. He butt dialed me on Halloween, so I called him back (using the excuse that he called but we must have had a weird connection…) and we actually talked for 20 minutes without him bringing up politics. Turns out he’s had a lot of medical stuff going on that he hasn’t bothered to tell me about because he was mad at me about politics. (sigh) He’s actually been up here in the middle of this month and didn’t bother fucking telling me. I HATE it when he holds grudges like this. It’s ridiculous. He’s going to withhold information AND essentially punish his grandson – who has been asking about his poppa and telling me he misses him repeatedly – because he’s mad about politics. Childlike, I’d even say. Yes, I am STILL mad at him for holding a grudge and being ridiculous…but I still wouldn’t withhold his grandson from him. At least he’s planning on coming up for my graduation. *eyeroll*

And with that, you are all caught up on what’s going on in my world. I have to run because school and late and crap. 🙂 As always, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It brightens my day a little to know I’m heard.

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  1. Good luck with the infusions. I hope they help. And that you get someone good who can find a decent vein.

    As for your dad… *sigh* I’m sorry that’s been such a mess. I’m glad you managed to work it, though. I hope that truce/understanding holds.

    Good luck with all of it.

    And congrats on a cute sugar-stuffed minion. 🙂

    • I hope it does too. He apparently stopped by yesterday since he was up here for a medical issue but I wasn’t home because infusion. It’s a good sign though!

  2. Ugh, infusions make my backside sore. If we were closer I’d keep you company. I hope it helps.

    Dads. Sheesh. I desperately need to email you. Tonight after appointments.

    • This infusion was in my arm. The steroid shots that I was getting because my previous med wasn’t working as it should made my backside sore, though. I will, however, take a sore backside if it means not hurting and flaring all over the place!

      • Heh, I meant a sore backside from the uncomfortable medical table–but yes, still a good tradeoff for no flares.

  3. Oy, how was the infusion? Are you feeling okay?

    How things settle down with your dad, that the grudge is lifted. As if you need more on your plate right now.

    • I’ll post about the infusion later. It deserves its own post. And dad? Dad actually called me last night, on his own! We may or may not be okay but hey, he called and didn’t even try to discuss the election!


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